To be presented at the November 2024 TANYS Festival



Festival Awards
Roving Adjudicator Merit Awards
2024 Roving Adjudicator Merit Awards
October 22, 2023 - October 26, 2024
Finger Lakes Community College
Pride and Prejudice
Adjudicator: Paul Nelson
  • Excellence in Design and Execution to Jim Perri, Kathryn Snyder, Brandon Wyand and Sarah Spindler
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Nya Patrick for the portrayal of Elizabeth Bennet
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Maggie Gardner for the portrayal of Jane Bennet
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Liam Houle for the portrayal of Mr. Darcy
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Torin Knapp for the portrayal of Miss Bingley/Wickham

Ilion Little Theatre
Adjudicator: Paul Nelson
  • Excellence in Direction to Christian C. Shaefer and Sarah Cohea
  • Excellence in Performance to the Cast

Neighborhood Acting Company
Adjudicator: Paul Nelson
  • Excellence in Direction to Kendra Hacker
  • Excellence in Performance to the Cast
  • Excellence in Choreography to Jaime Akerley
  • Meritorious Achievement in Choreography to Lauren Akerley
  • Excellence in Musical Direction to Dominic Vassallo
  • Excellence in Musical Performance to Andy Kittleson and the Orchestra
  • Meritorious Achievement in Stage Management to Morgan Kittleson and the Crew

Olean Community Theatre
Sunset Boulevard
Adjudicator: Arnie Galin
  • Outstanding Achievement in Acting to Sharon Myers for the portrayal of Norma Desmond
  • Outstanding Achievement in Acting to Daryl E. Johnson for the portrayal of Joe Gillis
  • Outstanding Achievement in Direction to Minna Badanes
  • Excellence in Performance to the Cast and Crew
  • Excellence in Music Direction to Pat Waldron

Palmer Opera House
Little Shop of Horrors
Adjudicator: Joan Luther
  • Excellence in Direction to Eric L. Van Druff
  • Excellence in Acting to Cyril Bodnar for the portrayal of Seymour
  • Meritorious Achievement in Choreography to Maddie Hogue
  • Excellence in Musical Direction to Cyril Bodnar
  • Meritorious Achievement in Costuming to Cheryl Wintermantel
  • Excellence in Musical Performance to the Orchestra
  • Excellence in Vocal Performance to the Cast
  • Excellence in Sound Design to Eric Moorehouse
  • Meritorious Achievement in Physicality to Puppeteers Genecis Easton and Lauryn Radomski

Palmer Opera House
Pride @ Prejudice
Adjudicator: Arnie Galin
  • Outstanding Achievement in Direction to Diane Willard
  • Outstanding Achievement in Production to the Cast and Crew

Portville Central School Drama Club
The Scandalous Scheme at the Sweet Shoppe
Adjudicator: Paul Nelson
  • Meritorious Achievement in Direction to Cheri Maxson
  • Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Acting to the Cast
  • Meritorious Achievement in Costuming to Cheri Maxson, Roxanne Scull and Monica Thomas
  • Meritorious Achievement in Sound Design and Execution to Ms. Gabrielle Green
  • Meritorious Achievement in Choreography to Alana Gagliardo

Rome Community Theater
2023 RCT Family Christmas Carol
Adjudicator: Joan Luther
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Alex Hummel for the portrayal of Tiny Tim
  • Meritorious Achievement in Vocal Performance to Emily Dole
  • Meritorious Achievement in Direction to Dave Bush
  • Meritorious Achievement in Costuming to Kayla Bush and Elizabeth Fuqua
  • Meritorious Achievement in Performance to the Cast and Crew

Rome Community Theater
Letters to Sala
Adjudicator: Paul Nelson
  • Excellence in Acting to Michele Buday for the portrayal of Sala
  • Excellence in Acting to Maddy Adkins for the portrayal of Young Sala
  • Excellence in Direction to Adam Jackson
  • Excellence in Lighting Design and Execution to Mike Sharp
  • Excellence in Ensemble Performance to the Cast

Rome Community Theater
Over the River and Through the Woods
Adjudicator: Paul Nelson
  • Outstanding Achievement in Ensemble Acting to the Cast (Kris Majka, John Melvin, Suzanne Murdock Rodio, Mark Hanna, Janet Hanna and Sally LoMonaco)
  • Excellence in Direction to Valerie Abel
  • Excellence in Scenic Design and Decoration to Lynne Angell, John Frank, Chris Stepanick, John Doiron and Mike Sharp
  • Excellence in Property Design and Acquisition to Tom Schink, Lauren Schink and Jean Gudaitis
  • Excellence in Sound Design to Mike Sharp

Seneca Community Players
Adjudicator: Paul Nelson
  • Excellence in Ensemble Acting to the Cast
  • Excellence in Scenic Design to Simon Hadley
  • Excellence in Lighting Design to John Lechner
  • Excellence in Scenic Dressing and Properties to Kathy Kirkland
  • Excellence in Special Effects Management to Chris Podzuweit and Becky Bly
  • Excellence in Scenic Transitions to Kaylee Millerd, Stephanie Yearsley and Maureen Owens
  • Outstanding Achievement in Acting to Deb Bly for the portrayal of Annie Wilkes
  • Outstanding Achievement in Acting to Jack Sherman for the portrayal of Paul Sheldon
  • Outstanding Achievement in Direction to Becky Bly

Spoonie Theater
A Circle of Women
Adjudicator: Paul Nelson
  • Excellence in Ensemble Acting to the Cast
  • Excellence in Playwrighting to Leslie Boxhorn, Anna Eskenazi Bush, Susan Cochran, Elinore Leonards, Lorri Leonards and Vicki Zollo
  • Excellence in Production Design and Execution to Tyler Boxhorn

Syosset High School Association of Creative Thespians
Peter and the Starcatcher
Adjudicator: Frances Ruoff
  • Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Work to Amanda Schwartz, Lusanga Carter, Shanleigh Meehan and Kiki Powell
  • Meritorious Achievement in Scenic Design to Tiffany Holtje
  • Meritorious Achievement in Costume Design to Amy Connor
  • Excellence in Acting to Jamie Guo for the portrayal of Black Stache

The Two of Us Productions / Roving Actors’ Repertory Ensemble
Blithe Spirit
Adjudicator: Bob Frame
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to John Leinung for the portrayal of Charles
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Linda Storms for the portrayal of Ruth
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Deborah Lombardi for the portrayal of Madame Arcati
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Karissa Payson for the portrayal of Edith
  • Excellence in Acting to Constance Lopez for the portrayal of Elvira
  • Excellence in Costuming and Specialty Make-up to the Company
  • Excellence in Lighting and Set Design to Stephen Sanborn

Wellsville Secondary School
Alice in Wonderland
Adjudicator: Joan Luther
  • Meritorious Achievement in the Development of Theatre Programming in Secondary Schools to the Production Staff and the Wellsville Secondary School District
  • Meritorious Achievement in Direction to Matt Warren
  • Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Acting to the Cast
  • Meritorious Achievement in Costuming to Amy Thomas and Susan Ralyea

These awards are based on three separate designations:
Meritorious Achievement, Excellence and Outstanding Achievement

Meritorious Achievement = Some advanced theatrical skill noted
Excellence = Theatrical skill base not routinely noted in non-professional theatre
Outstanding Achievement = Theatrical skill base rarely seen in non-professional theatre
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